What a misfortune...

Two years ago... it took a week for me to book in an appointment- despite two surgeon rating my case as URGENT and top priority case. I have to wait for days before I get to see a consultant before she finally asked me to head to Bristol to have the first termination procedure done. Imagine all the mental torture my husband and I have to go through.

My husband fell while cycling to work yesterday. He wasn't severely injured but was in bad conditioned. He bruised his cheek, scratched his glasses, had a swollen lips, and broke two of his top teeth. We went to the surgery only to be told to come back again at 5.30p.m. Bad enough? There is more. We headed to two different dentist. None have appointment for him till today (next day).

The whole ordeal is so depressing. Good thing my husband is recovering. He still have sensitive teeth but at least the dentist is kind enough to reshape his chipped teeth. At least he look more decent with his repaired teeth.

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