Why don't they press the door bell instead of just knocking the door?

With all the extended sales, it is no surprising I have no option but to stay home just so I can receive the parcels. I am not complaining bout having to stay home. I don't really mind. Besides I don't normally go out shopping till late noon. The only complain I have is how this delivery man refused to press the door bell and resorted in knocking the door instead. It's annoying because I don't like receiving a note telling me I have missed them and I will have to call in and book for a new appointment (date). SIGH. How could you expect me to hear the soft knocking noise when I am hardly in living room? I spend most of my time either in my room or second hall.

Anyway, forget about delivery man and door bell. I am not gonna let this spoil my day. I still have five large bulk of clothes in laundry baskets to deal! Damn, I never like dealing with laundries. On other note, I am glad I have a huge collection of clothes so much so I don't need to deal with laundry issue every single week (besides having to wash them every other day). Then again it can be scary job having to fold, iron and sorting them out.  

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