Ben's General Food Store & Big Ben's Independent Grocer @ Publika

Good thing there is consistency when it comes to food quality across all branches. It's a pity their good services does not apply to all branches- particularly the one located at the first floor of Publika. Can you believed we were being dumped at one corner of their non-air conditioned table without being served for an hour? We ended up visiting the one located at ground floor just to get our coffee fixed.

Silly me! I should have picked to dine here instead of the one located on first floor.

One unhappy diner:

Menu for foods and drinks

I like the idea how they arranged their sauces, tissue and cutleries

Like I said earlier, all we want is a cup of coffee. As usual, I always ended up ordering something else. On that day, I ordered an extra pudding for hubby. You see he is a pudding lover and he has not eaten this for almost three years now (because his wife doesn't know how to cook or bake one for him). Their coffee may not be the best in town but it sure taste good after being toast under hot sun. Their not-too-sweet bread pudding may not appeal to many but it was appetising and yummy for the both of us.

Feeling full? No worries. Go jalan-jalan (walk) their grocery shop. They sell a wide range of fresh foods and groceries.

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