Dinner at Bridge Bar and Eating House

We were both knackered by the time we finished checking in our luggage. The next best thing to do while waiting for our flight is to sit and eat. For the first time, I was quite clear I wanted to dine in Bridge Bar and Eating House- not because I've done any survey or read any good reviews. The only reason why I picked this particular eatery is because there is no screaming kids or loud Chinese Ah Beng dining in. 

I wouldn't say Bridge Bar has the best ambiance or dining environment. They are decently good for airport standard. A word of advice to all traveling: don't bother setting any standards when dining at any airport. 


It took me sometime to decide between fish and chips, roast chicken, pasta and pizza. I ended up picking something with less carbo (because I knew I will end up eating like pig in KL)

The chicken is juicy and soft. Love the salad. The whole combination of butter squash. tomatoes, salad. I wish they gave me a larger portion :P

They serve decently good Mocha too- though hubby wished his drink comes with nice coffee art. I personally think their coffee taste better than Caffe Nero, Costa or even Pret a Manger. Then again its just my personal opinion.

The bill? We ended up paying less than £6.00 (after deducting £20.00 complimentary voucher we received from Qatar airways). To be fair, £26.00 is a fair price to pay for even if we have to pay for it

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