Kennet & Avon Canal: Bath Locks

An interesting walk from Pulteney Bridge to Sydney Garden led us to a very interesting place call the Bath Locks. The Bath Locks are a series of locks located on the Kennet & Avon Canal. 

It's intersting to see how the boat enters the lock and riders getting down to wait for the river to either fill or empty the water before they can open the gate for their boat to cross over to the other side of the lock. 

Many claimed the best time to see this is during the summer but city girl like me wouldn't mind watching this in spring, autumn or summer. Here are some pictures I snapped while paktor-ing (dating) with hubby in the month of July 2013 (summer).

Can you see the boat under the bridge? The boat is waiting for the water to drain downstream

Even Mr. Duckie has enough time to dunk and play with water before the two macho man opens the lock.

Finally... Two macho man opening the lock just so the boat can pass

A different lock

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