MCDonald's Sundae Cone

The last time we had McDonald's sundae cone in Kuala Lumpur was probably four years ago. I hardly buys sundae- not because I dislike them but because I was very careful with my diet. 

The weather in KL has been unbearably hot since Chinese New Year. It is not surprising why I finally gave in and bought myself a sundae cone the moment I stepped in The Curve shopping mall. The posh-ier version would be buying myself a cup of ice cream from New Zealand Natural or a cup of smoothie from Boost but it was my craving for sundae that leads me to McDonald.

Call me a miser (all thanks to hubby's thriftiness when comes to grocery shopping), but really RM1.05 versus RM10.00++ which will you pick? Besides McDonald taste good too. Look at the below pictures. My hubby happily licking his ice cream. He couldn't bothered to pose for me.

On side note, I still dislike his new glasses. I prefer his old glasses.

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