Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks' XXL Crispy Chicken

My husband loves anything fried. He will happily eats them without being asked. His wife (me) on other hand don't fancy fried stuff. The only way he gets to eat fried stuff is when we dine out.

It is not surprising why hubby goes wild for anything fried when we came back to Kuala Lumpur for Chinese New Year. One of his favourite fried food is Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks XXL Crispy Chicken.

He almost missed the chance of tasting his favourite chicken. Thanks goodness the staff at IPC were nice enough to serve us despite the fact that they were in the midst of cleaning up. 

I wanted to takeaway but eager hubby couldn't wait to munch his favourite chicken right away. For that we sat down and feast right away.

I would rather pick Shihlin's crispy chicken over Popeye or KFC. One reason is because they cooked the chicken based on orders. The chicken is still sizzling hot when served. The other reason why I liked is because the chicken is well season. 

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