Tea @ Sally Lunn's

Feeling thirsty or hungry after a long walk? Why not dine at Sally Lunn's. Sally Lunn's is one of the Britain historic eating house. The building is one of the oldest house in Bath. (2) Sally Lunn's serve one of the best Bath Bun a.k.a Sally Lunn Bun. Unlike the London Bath Bun, Sally Lunn buns are soft and light in texture. 

The dining space is quite compact. Try to visit during their off-peak hours. Best time to visit is either before lunch or after lunch. You will be surprise to see long queue during  their peak hours (especially during the summer). 

They may have simple menus but even so it takes ages for my friend Mei Mei to decide what to eat :P

I ordered my usual Bath Cream Tea set that comes with tea and half toasted bun topped with cinnamon butter to go with their famous clotted cream while Mei Mei ordered their Sally Lunn Cream Tea which comes with tea and half toasted & buttered bun served with strawberry jam and clotted cream. It's rich and high in carbohydrate but who cares???

 This is how you enjoy your food here

Feeling full? Why not visit their museum?

They sell their bun, jams and other memorabilia at museum too...

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