Yummy Yong Tau Fu @ Foong Foong Restaurant...

I've wanted to blog bout this last year. Too bad all my photos got destroyed by the faulty motherboard (from my new Asus laptop). This year I made Foong Foong Restoran as one of my must visit eatery I must dine before flying back to United Kingdom. I have no regrets doing so- despite the fact that I have to endure almost an hour of hot sauna trip just to get here.

Good thing I wasn't influenced by my father-in-law's remark when he claimed the yong tau fu served here no longer taste that good and is a lot smaller in size. I still think Foong Foong serve one of the best quality yong tau fu compared to the one I see in Kuala Lumpur.

The restaurant is normally jam-packed with diners. Try to get there early if you don't want to end up waiting under the hot sun

The first item served was the soup based wanton- my creative dad nicknamed "water dog" (direct translation from Chinese to English). The size of the individual yong tau fu is still a lot bigger compared to the one we get in Kuala Lumpur

It's bigger than the spoon! The one you gets in KL is smaller than the spoon.

Deep fried wanton. It's my first time savouring this in many years. I personally prefer the non fried version.

Here is the non fried version. We've fishballs, the fried and non fried version of taufu with fish paste, aubergine with fish paste, ladies fingers (okra) with fish paste, and bitter goard with fish paste

Ladies finger with fish paste

Bitter gourd with fish paste

 Aubergine with fish paste

 Fish ball dunk in sweet sauce and chilli sauce

Interesting stalls outside Foong Foong Restaurant:

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