2013 Valentine @ Sage, Garden Mid Valley

A friend asked me if I have visited Sage at The Garden (she is planning to treat her husband on his Birthday). Yes, I have. I was there last Chinese New Year to celebrate Valentine Day with a girlfriend of mine.

I have to admit I didn't have much memory of my dining experience at Sage until I look back at some old pictures I posted on Facebook. Don't get me wrong. The food and dining experience was good. Only thing is I was still in very down period when I came back to Kuala Lumpur last year. How not to be sad when I have just lost my baby in November? Anyway, believe it or not, the food was really good. I wouldn't have posted my dining experience on Facebook if it wasn't good.

So why didn't I post my dining experience here back in 2013? One reason why I didn't is because I have lost all my photos when I received my new laptop (with faulty motherboard). I didn't know I have this picture until today. I thought it will be nice if I can journalised my dining experience here- since I can still remember the whole dining experience pretty well.

Located at 6th floor of The Garden- you get to see the development of KL Eco City.

Funny enough I can recall myself trying to walk through one of the transparent glass right after snapping the above picture. It was surely an embarassing moment. 

One thing about dining here is you are sure of a relaxing, sophisticated, and elegant dining experience. The restaurant and bar:

My pretty date:

So how bout the foods?

Complimentary drink & bread + pesto like dip

My appetizer: Green tea buckwheat noodles with smoke ocean trout, oyster and wasabi

Her choice: Consomme of wagyu beef with fote gras and seasonal Japanese mushroom

Main: Two way preparation of lamb with borlotti beans, mashed potato and thyme jus

 Dessert: Ginger and lime brulee with mixed berries and almond tuile

The two other drinks we had: coffee and sparkling water

Damn, writing my dining experience here makes me hungry. I am not so sure if I can still treat myself to this fine dining experience again this year (unless any of my kind friends are generous enough to treat me) but I promise myself I will take my husband with me the next round I visit this place- and that will definitely have to be in year 2014 since he is back in UK now.

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