DIY: Freeze dry your own mints with halogen oven

I have just discovered how to freeze dry my own mints- both for cooking and drinking. It's good I discovered it now. At least this year harvest will not go to waste ever again. At least I will not need to spend money refilling my mint tea supply from now on :). 

Here are steps to dry mints both for cooking and tea:
  1. clean the mints
  2. separate the leaves from stem (throw the stems and keep the leaves)
  3. air fry in non stick pan for a minute or two 
  4. continue drying them in halogen oven for 30 minutes (temperature used: 120 degree). 
  5. store them in air tight container
I tried drying my first batch straight in halogen oven but I noticed water vapour developed half way through the drying process. I ended up having to pat dry the vapour with kitchen towel before continue drying the leaves. I wouldn't advise skipping the "airfry" or "dry fry" process because you want to make sure there is absolutely no moisture left by the end of the whole process.

End result:

Dried mints ready for mint tea. All you need for a good cup of mint tea is mint and hot boiling water. Sugar or honey may be added but I prefer mine neat- without sugar.

Me making mint tea with Ikea stainless steel coffee/tea maker. I added 4 tablespoon mints and four cups of water

Let it soak for 5 to 10 minutes


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