My experiment with Purple Cane White Tea

I've saw quite  a few stores selling white tea but never bother buying or even looking simply because I stupid-ly assumed it is just another typical Chinese tea with another glamorous name. It wasn't until I tasted it at my in laws place (the silver needle version).

I tried looking for it at local supermarkets in Malaysia but couldn't find any until I step foot in Purple Cane and Hojo Tea Shop at Mid Valley Megamall. I almost got heart attack when I saw the price at Hojo Tea Shop. Honestly, I didn't expect it to cost that much! Good thing the price at Purple Cane are more affordable- even though the variety sold at Hojo are of supreme quality (highest range of white tea).

At Purple Cane, one may choose to buy the loose and the bag version. I almost bought the teabag version but changed my mind at the very last minute when the promoter told me the loose version are of better quality. Purple Canes carry two different grades Shoumei (the lower grade version) and White Peony (the next highest range version after Silver Needle). You may read more on the types of white tea here. There is quite a big gap in pricing of both grade. One would have thought I would have bought the mid range version but I didn't. I ended up buying the cheaper version.

So how was the taste difference between silver needle and shoumei (can't compare white peony because I haven't tasted any)? I have to say Silver Needle version has more fruity and floral flavour compared to Shoumei. Shoumei on other hand has a more intense (stronger) flavour compared to silver needle. Shoumei has a thicker (deeper) colour too. .

Why is there such a big gap in pricing? I was told one can only pluck (harvest) maximum of 500g worth of tea in a day. Hojo tea website gives you a better explanation on brewing techniques. As of now, here is the bottle of white tea I bought from Purple Cane

The casing:

Origin & Brewing Instructions:

Explanations on the tea variety:

The internal packaging:

The tea:

Overall, the tea is still value for money considering it cost only RM18.00 for 50g vs. RM45.00 for White Peony variety. The Chinese have this saying "you get what you pay".

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