Satisfying hubby's cravings @ Little Cravings, One Utama

It was a challenge trying to satisfy all his cravings in just 21 days. Good thing I managed to treat him his favourite rojak buah, radish cake, and Chinese style coffee before he fly back to work the very day. Why so little you may asked? That's because we still have an obligatory family dinner with my in laws. 

Little Cravings Cafe is a small eatery located at ground floor One Utama shopping mall. Both hubby and I have been dining here for many years- even before we migrated to UK. I wouldn't say they serve one of the best local dishes but they taste decent and economical in price. I don't need the best of the best to satisfy my cravings when I can hardly find any good Malaysian foods in UK.

Here are part of the menus

What we ordered?

Rojak buah- a combination of mixed fruits and prawn crackers tossed with spicy sweet shrimp paste sauce and crushed peanuts. Love this dish. Definitely taste a lot better than the one we savour at Corus Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. My only complain bout this dish is the tough prawn crackers :(

Turnips Cake a.k.a Radish Cake- steam cake which main ingredient comprises of rice flour and radish. It's normally served with sweet sauce and chili sauce. I wouldn't be able to say much about this dish. I don't like radish at all. My hubby claimed it taste decently good. 

Hot Coffee- Chinese style dark coffee served with condensed milk. I don't like the bitterness but hubby enjoyed his coffee. He had my share too. Yes, he drank 2 cups :)

Love the cups

This is how it looks like after stirring the coffee and condensed milk

And this is how you enjoy your drink

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