Snowflake, Mid Valley Megamall

Have you dined at Snowflake? I am that ulu (outdated) that I didn't know this among one of the famous Chinese dessert eatery in town. 

To dine:

  1. Place your order at counter
  2. You will then be given red beeping UFO mechanism
  3. Don't get shocked when your table suddenly vibrates. It's not earthquakes. Instead, it is a signal sent by "collection department" to inform customer orders are ready to be collected
  4. Collect and enjoy

It took us about 30 minutes to decide what we want. We ordered a bowl Double Grass Jelly to be shared among four of us. The idea was to have a taste of how the dessert taste like. The portion is large enough to be shared among the four of us. 

What is so special about this dessert to the extend the company claimed it is one of the two best selling product? According to Snowflakes, the grass jelly are kept for 24 months. Why? They claimed that this process will give the grass jelly an extraordinary taste and aroma.

Is it true? The grass jelly has a stronger aroma compared to the various version of grass jelly I've ever tasted. In my opinion, it tasted like a diluted bowl of Chinese guailinggou

Do I like it? I wouldn't say I love it- but it sure taste decent. I like the fact that the dessert is not very sweet in taste. 

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