Costa Coffee & Doha Airport

The best thing to do while on transit is to hop to any cafe and enjoy your cup of tea or coffee. At least (1) you have a place to sit and hang out (2) you gets to rehydrate your body before embarking on your next journey (3) you don't need to push your hand carry, handbags and shoppings around

Unlike many airports I've been there aren't that many options to where to dine at Doha Airport. I opted to dine at Costa Coffee

I ordered a mint tea- something decaffeinated for a change. To be honest, I wasn't happy at all with my drink. It got nothing to do with the drink. Dilmah mint tea taste fine. It is the cup I am complaining about. It looks dirty. It was tainted with limescale :(

 Here are few pictures I snapped while waiting for my next flight:

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