Dessert time @ Caffe bene, Solaris

My friend and I definitely has big appetite when it comes to good foods. Can you believe we visited this place right after we had our late lunch at Twins Korean Restaurant. It's not because we were hungry but because we were looking for a spot we can both sit and chat.

We were both very lucky to spot a table indoor. 

I don't know if you like their ID work. Me like-y.

I have to say this is a very dangerous place to step in. It's a tough job to resist the temptation to order more than you need. The dummy food display almost seduced us. Their waffles and bread looks good. Even their colourful looking gelato looks good. Good thing we were rational enough to order ONE item. Yes, we shared! We wasn't sure if we can even finish up the whole cup.

Green Tea Bingsu- It is almost similar to Malaysian style ais kacang. It's shaved ice with mix nuts, raisins, cranberries, green tea ice cream- just what we need on hot sunny day.

I don't fancy the cream but I know many loves them

The hidden matcha (green tea) ice cream- my favourite!

The bottom part

Good news is this is not a very expensive dessert considering this is served in a huge bowl. It is worth a try

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