dip 'n dip, Bangsar

I've passed by this place a couple of time but never bother walking in. It is always packed and there are sooooo many people queueing up for a table. I've seen friends posting pictures of desserts they had here since the opening of dip 'n dip at Bangsar. I wouldn't say they are the best or "must go" place to dine but it sure worth a try.

What is so special about this place? Almost everything in their menu involve usage of chocolates. 

I almost gone berserk just by looking at the menu. Good thing I was too full to go on a eating spree. My friend Mei Mei think we should share a plate and head to Coffea Coffee (our usual hangout place) for drinks and more.

We shared a Triple Chocolate Crepe- folded crepe filled with dark, milk and white chocolate coating. I still fail to understand why do they need to serve this in a big plate

The chocolate ganache

It's like having a pancake with thick chocolate ganache. It's creamy, it is chocolate-y and yes, it is sweet (but not stupidly sweet). 

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