Ichirika, Garden Mid Valley

This is the last Japanese restaurant I visited before flying back to UK. It was also the first and last proper dinner I ate with Mei Mei before flying back to UK. I normally watched her eat while I sipped my cup of coffee when we meet up in evening. 

As usual, it took us almost an hour to decide where to eat (may be a little lesser but it took a long time for her to finally confirm where she wants to eat. Just to let you know her earlier intention was to dine at Fresca Mexican Kitchen. Anyway, I am glad we gave Ichirika a try.

They are relatively cheap in price considering the nice ambiance, and generous servings. If you are on budget, go for their set of the day meal. It's worth a try

Won't you like dining here?

Why am I "so free" to snap pictures? She's busy booking for movie. Yes, I got abandoned :oP

And because she was so busy on phone... I decided to snap more pictures. This time individual dish just so I can show off to hubby what good foods I ate without him :oP

The set comprises of 3 different varieties of sushi:

 Sesame served in mortar bowl and pestle

We wouldn't know what to do if not because the waitress served us. Pound the sesame and pour in sweet sauce

They are dressing for salads :)


Miso soup

Here is the other set we ordered. It was set of the day

I'm no pork lover but their pork taste decently good for me to have a second and third slice

Comes with salad

and a larger bowl of miso soup

Also comes with the same appetiser as the other meal

A satisfied customer

Make it two

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