Lunch Date @ Hokkaido Ichiba

I am starting to miss Japanese. All I can do for now (today) is to stare at the pictures of Japanese foods I snapped while dining at Hokkaido Ichiba. I was here twice. First with Mei Mei and the very next day for lunch with my brother. They serve good and decently price Japanese- particularly their lunch set.

I didn't have my camera or even phone with me when I dined with Mei Mei but I sure brought mine when I went with Ian. There is really nothing much to talk to my brother besides eating. That explain why I had so much time to snap almost everything I see.

Life is unfair. Ian's food always arrive first. Here comes his soft shell crab lunch set


Look at the soft shell crab. They were yummy

We opt for garlic rice instead of normal white sushi rice. It was definitely a wise idea. It taste so good.

Mini Udon

Must have: chawamushi


Mine came 15 minutes later. Wonder why. Lesser items but yet.... The difference between mine and Ian was the sashimi for soft shell crab and miso for mini udon

Love the sashimi

 Miso Soup

Definitely a must go place when I fly home again...

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