MOA the green balm

I first stumble upon this product while doing research on substitute for Vaseline petroleum gel. The only reason I didn't buy was some reviews saying it melts in summer. All I can picture in my mind then was a pot of oily liquid in the bottle.

I was quite happy when I received a small sample from LoveLula November's beauty box. Believe it or not, this was the first product I tried that very day. It was a perfect gift then. I had dry cracking fingers.

Verdict: I wouldn't call it a miracle cream. It didn't heal my fingers right away. Neither did it cure my fingers in a day or two- but it sure helps in long run. I've used this product religiously all over my body and face for almost 4 months now. That explains why I've finished using four bottles.

Oh ya, the best part about this balm is it doesn't melt. I've used this both in UK and in Malaysia. The balm didn't turned liquid or leaks. The only thing is the texture changed a little in hot weather. All you need to do is place them in refrigerator or airconditioned room.

 What I like about this product is that it is 100% natural

 Don't you just like the packaging? Boo!

Yarrow not arrow :P. Yarrow is named after Greek hero Achilles. Yarrow cures wounds caused by arrow :P

 Smudge, smear and spread wherever you want

 This solve the leaking problem- just in case it leaks

 It's not green in colour. Light and faint green perhaps

This is how the cream looks like. The texture in hot weather (Malaysia weather)

Wanna give this a try? Why not grab yourself a bottle from LoveLula website. They do free delivery worldwide

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