Starbucks Dark Espresso Layers & Creamy Diversion

My first Starbucks in less than 24 hours after flying back to UK: Funny enough I never bother walking in Starbucks while in KL but they were the second cafe I walked in (first was Cafe Nero at Terminal 4 Heathrow Airport) the very next day (literally the same day since I only arrived home after 12.00 a.m).

The bunting sure helps in my decision making process. My husband and I decided to give their dark espresso layers cream a try.

The cup of drink looks good but it wasn't what I expected. It was too sweet. I only managed to drink 1/3 of it. I know I can change my drink but really.... there is no point doing so when I am no longer in the mood to drink.

Then again I am very sure there are many sweet tooth out there who enjoyed this drink :)

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