Valentine at Sagano, Renaissance Hotel

Can you believe this is our first Valentine as married couple? It is rare thing for us to be together on Valentine Day- even during our boyfriend-girlfriend days. He is always on work assignment overseas. This year, I've decided to treat him Japanese lunch buffet at Sagano- a Japanese restaurant located at Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Call me cheapskate for buying the deal from Groupon but really.... don't you think it is silly to pay cut throat candlelight dinner?

In a way this outing is more towards us catching up with all the foods we missed in Kuala Lumpur.

Look at how not romantic my husband is? He couldn't even be bothered to dress up in proper attire. I would have got him to change to another top if not because we weren't staying together when we were in Kuala Lumpur (he stayed with his parents and I stayed with mine. That way we gets to spend more time with our family).

The dessert and sweets room

This is where the main foods are

The sashimi and appetizer section towards the end

The dining area

 Some of the foods we ate. Would have eaten more if I have more than 1 stomach.


Definitely worth every penny (more so when you buy it on deal).

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