Considerably healthy Panini from Mattia Deli

I've always like Trenchers foods and drinks. They are one of my favourite cafe in Swindon. They recently close down their cafe at John Lewis Outlet (there are major reshuffling going on at John Lewis Outlet. I can't wait to see what is new there). Goodbye Trenchers, and Hello Mattia Deli.

The next big question is are Mattia Deli's foods and drinks as good as Trenchers? To find out, I ordered two Mocha (one for hubby and another for myself) and a panini.

Panini- I can't recall what I ordered but I sure have all praise for their panini. I like the crunchy sesame coating on the panini bread. The cheese and ham goes very well with the bread. Try sandwiching the salads. The whole combination turns out yummy!

Mocha served in latte glass. I have to be honest I was a little disappointed with their drinks. I have to say I prefer Trenchers version. They are thicker and much chocolate-y (and less sweet).

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