Homegrown Organic Wheatgrass

I've never like wheatgrass but I've recently started growing them. The one reason why I hated this drink is because it has strong chlorophyll taste. So why did I grow them?
  1. The wheat grains were cheap- considering it cost only £0.98 for 500g of organic wheatgrass. They are the cheapest grains (sprouts) you can get. I got mine from here
  2. They are good for health. Click here to see 50 reasons to drink wheatgrass on everyday
  3. They are easy to grow. My parents used to grow them
Here is my happy wheatgrass ready for harvest. I ranout of trays so I planted this batch in a tray (without holes). It is possible to plant them in trays without hole.

 Just like any other microgreen plants, all you need to do to grow wheatgrass is
  1. Soak about 2 tbsp grains overnight for 12 hours in germinating jar (I used 1 litre jam jar and band it with shade cloth meant for greenhouse)
  2. Rinse to remove husk and debris
  3. Place the jar upside down in a takeaway container and cover it with tea tower.
  4. Shower them every 6 hours (do it until you see shoots appear). Depending on the weather, it normally takes about 12 hours
  5. Transfer the sprouts into a seed tray. Make sure you place the tray into gravel trayor you might end up wetting your floor.
  6. Water the grass every 6 hours. 
  7. Harvest them when they are about 15 cm tall
This is what I did with the homegrown wheatgrass. I blended 3 oranges, 3 apples and wheatgrass (and spring water. The machine wouldn't work without sufficient liquid in it)

Work in progress

 The end result:

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