My gardening project with Argyle Pet & Garden Centre

Summer came early this year.. Goodbye gloomy weather and hello sunshine. Unlike previous years, this year my husband and I decided to spend the past three bank holiday beautifying our garden instead of going for short trips. Good thing we have a garden centre nearby for us to shop all necessary things we need to kickstart our gardening project.

It's not a a big place but they store good enough collections of plants and gardening tools for my garden.

While many likes to grow them from seeds, I prefer to leave all the germinating process to the expert and continue caring for the plantsafter buying them from here.

It's hard to resist not buying when you see all this plants. Good thing they are affordable. Quality plants at affordable price. What more I want? That explains why they have quite a good flow of walk in customers.

Don't you agree the below items will look pretty in my garden? I've yet to buy any but I will when hubby buys me a new house in UK. I am hoping he will buy me another house for my coming Birthday *big grin*. As for now, I will learn not to kill any of my plants to upkeep and grow my existing plants well.

Till then Happy Monday!

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