Ed's Easy Diner, Swindon Designer Outlet (revisit)

I've dined in many times but never really bother snapping pictures of foods I ordered. The thing is the foods served here are about the same what you find at Mc Donalds or any fast food chain restaurants.

So why did I snapped this time round? Simple. I was digging for my phone and I found a camera (Pentax Optio S10) in my bag. Here are few photos I snapped during my last visit @ Ed's Easy Diners.

Can you spot a bear in restaurant? Hahaha... Nice onesies :)

What we ordered:

Ed's Alco-Shakes- Dark Rum & Chocolate
Creamy shakes with weak hint of dark rum and chocolate

Chicken BLT sandwich (burger), Chicken Dippers and Atomic American Fries

Chicken BLT sandwich
The chicken is cooked to the right level of juiciness. As you can see, the burger is piled high with bacon strips, shredded lettuce, slices of tomatoes and cheese.

Chicken Dippers
They are chicken breast goujons served for dipping with jalapeno jelly and BBQ sauce. I have to say I was a little disappointed with the meal. In my opinion Don't know why but their jalapeno sauce taste funny. I swear it got nothing to do with the appearance of the jalapeno sauce. It's the taste.

Atomic American Fries
A very expensive plate of dry cold fries served with poor quality jalapeno jelly, chilli, sour cream, cheddar cheese sauce and guacamole on the side :(. 

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