Brasserie Blanc, Oxford

Few months back  (late May), my husband and I decided to revisit Oxford.

The ox statue across of Oxford train station
Our first stop: Brasserie Blanc located at Walton Street, Oxford. I am no piggy but my stomach needs some foods. I haven't had breakfast or lunch.

The starter (appetiser)
Basket of stonebaked artisan baguette
Love the bread/ Taste even better with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It taste so good we had to order another basket (plate). Too bad the restaurant was too busy to even remember our order

Spring lamb sweetbreads 
I have to confess I wouldn't have ordered this if I knew what sweetbreads were on the first place.

To be honest, the sweetbreads taste good on first bite. They were soft, tender and juicy. It was half way through my meal I can taste the after taste of liver in my mouth. I ended up donating part of my sweetbreads to hubby (good thing I only knew the rest of the ingredients weeks later when I "Google" for similar recipes online just so I can have the imitation version at home).

Btw, hubby ordered the same meal. He enjoyed the meal (otherwise I wouldn't have Google-d for an imitation recipe online).

Steamed lemon sponge pudding
One word: heavenly

Love the combination of lemongrass and lemon. A very clever combination. The cake is airy and moist.


Drink of the day
A large bottle of sparkling water a.k.a. H2O
Very much needed drink

The dining experience is what we'd hoped for. Love the food. What more can I ask for?

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