Hubby and his cup of coffee plant...

This may be a little outdated. The event happened on 18 May 2014. I happened to see this now while browsing through photos I've captured with my phone.

My hubby spotted cups of coffee plant while shopping for more organic soil for our gardening project. He wasn't keen at first but decided he wanted one when we went back to return the trolley.

Two months later... The plants are still surviving well in our garden.

There are a total of 13 plants in one cup. Here's only four. The rest are in the blue basket. I don't think they will ever grow coffee beans for him but it's nice owning them. What is most important: he is proud owner of 13 mini coffee plants. The picture above was taken on 29th June 2014. We'll see how the coffee plant turns out to be in months to come. 

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