Lazy dinner with M&S Gastropub King Prawns, cod, smoked haddock and salmon pie

With all the ready to cook foods sold at supermarket, it makes it really convenient for housewife like me to prepare meals for the family. As much as I like cooking from scratch, I do like to try out ready meals too.

Just yesterday I've decided to pick up M&S Gastropub king prawns, cod, smoked haddock and salmon pie.

The pie is packed in aluminium foil container and covered with a layer of plastic just so inquisitive shoppers can have a peep on how it looks like before decide to buy or not.

Me preparing dinner for two. All I need to do is peel the plastic and

bakes for 35 minutes

I don't know about you. I always looked at the label before buying. I always makes sure (1) there are no preservatives or (2) artificial colouring used.

35 minutes later...

My dinner:

Hubby's portion:

We had a very satisfying meal. Trust me, you can never have enough of this. I was licking my plate away craving for more while hubby. The sauce was sinfully good. The fish cutlets are soft and smooth. The prawns are fresh- but I wish they were crunchy when bites. The prawns were a little too hard (result from overcooking). Also, I wished there were more spinach in the pie. I didn't get any from my half. Other than that, there is really nothing I can complain.

Some may argue that paying £6.00 for a ready to cook food is expensive to pay for but think again... a pack of fish pie mix from Tesco would have easily cost about £4.00. That alone doesn't come with prawns. Also think about the amount of mess you have to deal with while cooking. I personally rather outsource any housework as much as I can :oP

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