Chinese roast pork with dried scallops and peanuts porridge with slow cooker

Have you ever tried cooking congee or porridge for 13 hours? I did. The end result: a smooth bowl of porridge.

Last Saturday hubby bought a bacon joint from Tesco roast counter. His intention is for me recreate his childhood favourite roast pork with mussels and peanuts porridge. It's a real challenge on my end considering I am not a pork lover and I've not tasted one.

I tried "Google-ing" for the recipe online but found none close to what he wanted. I got fed up after awhile so I came up with my own version based on the few basic ingredients.

(Serves 5 to 6 very hungry people)
1 roast bacon joint (leftover pork or chicken roast works well), meat stripped and diced
3 dry scallops (to substitute the dry mussels), soaked
2 handful peanuts, soaked and skin removed
1.5 litre spring water, boiled
1 cup basmati rice
1 cup brown rice
1 tbsp Hsiao Xing wine
Sesame Oil
Soy sauce
White pepper

Place roast bacon meats, bones (shortcut to homemade stocks), scallops, peanuts, rice and water in slow cooker. Cook on high for 4 hours. Once done, programme the slow cooker to low and cook for another 9 hours. I used Hamilton Beach Set n Forget slow cooker. It comes with programmable features. It will keep the food warm once everything is done.

Season with wine, sesame oil, white pepper and soy sauce

Serve. My husband likes his porridge with thick consistency.

I like mine with more liquids. To accomodate to both our preferences, I normally adds boiling water to the porridge just to make mine thinner consistency.

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