Easy Hainanese Chicken with rice cooker

Do you know you can cook your very own Hainanese chicken rice at home using just a slow cooker? I love technology. They sure makes my life a lot easier when it comes to cooking arena. 

Here's my shortcut or you may call it imitation version of hainanese steam chicken. All I have to do is rub and massage (marinate) a whole chicken with salt, dong quai, white pepper overnight. Pricks as much holes as you can using a skewer. Keep it in container and refrigerate overnight. 

Next day, add one cup of water (or homemade chicken stock) and chicken into the Toshiba rice cooker bowl. Set cook. Leave it on "keep warm" mode for 2 hours.

Remove the chicken. Leave to cool before cutting. End result: a smooth texture, juicy, soft and healthy chicken.

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