Having fun with Krups Pump Espresso XP5210 Series

Introducing hubby's new coffee machine: Krups Pump Espresso XP5210 Series.

I almost bought this exact model a day earlier. I have got too many shopping bags on hand I decided to forgo the machine. Besides, there is really no rush for me to get one since his Birthday is months away.

We happened to be at Outlet on Saturday. I swear I did not coerce him into walking in Tefal shop. He happened to like walking into this kind of shops. It was indeed love at first sight. He bought it right away after reading few online reviews. Here is one of the review he watched online. FYI, there are improvements on the milk steamer. Instead of the clip system, the milk steamer now comes with a twist lock system (not sure if it's an improvement. Have yet to try). Other than that the machine is exactly the same as per video.

Here's a few pictures I snapped while he prepares the beans.

I've no idea why he went through all the trouble to hand grind the coffee beans instead of using the electric blender. Oh well, as long as I do not need to do it :P

The end result:

We didn't use the machine's milk steamer on our first attempt. We had our milk frothed using Starbucks Verismo milk frother. Too much froth for a cup of cappuccino or coffee. I wouldn't call this a cup of cappuccino or latte. It tasted more like a milky cup of coffee. LOL. Hubby is still experimenting to perfect a cup of homemade cappuccino.

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