Nyonya style steam butter squash cake (kuih)

This is one easy and yummy version of Malaysian Chinese savoury steam butter squash cake. Recipe adapted from nonya flavours: A complete guide to Penang Straits Chinese Cuisine.

(serves 8)
650g butter squash (shredded)
250g rice flour
800g water
200g minced chicken (marinated with white pepper and sesame oil)
1 tsp five spice
2 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
3 tbsp cooking oil
  1. Shred butter squash with julienne peeler. Steam and mash 1/3 of the butter squash
  2. In a clean bowl, mix in the rice and water to form a smooth, thick batter. Set aside
  3. Heat up oil in a clean pan. Saute the garlic till brown. 
  4. Add minced chicken, five spice, salt and pepper. Stir for two to three minutes
  5. Mix in the butter squash. Give it a stir or two before adding in the rice batter. Stir until the batter is well mixed
  6. Pour the batter into two greased 18 cm round tray. Smooth out the surface. Drizzle and brushed with a tsp sesame oil
  7. Steam the mixture for 40 minutes.
3 tbsp cooking oil
100g dried prawns
100g peanuts (toasted and pounded with pestle and mortar)
50g fried shallot
2 red chillies
  1. Heat up oil in a wok. Saute dried prawns until fragrant. Dish out. Pound them with pestle and mortar
  2. Top the kuih with the sauteed dried prawns, peanuts, shallots and chopped chillies

Sweet Sauce
14 tbsp LKK Sweet hoisin sauce
5 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp caramelised dark sauce
250g water

Mix all ingredients in pot. Bring it to boil

In my opinion, the most mafun (troublesome) part of preparing this delicious cake is the garnishing. They are time consuming. I would recommend preparing the ground shrimps and peanuts in advance.

7 tbsps Hoisin sauce
2½ tbsps light soy sauce
1/2 tsp dark soy sauce
1/2 tsp dark sweet soy sauce (ABC kecap manis)
1/2 cup water - See more at: http://lengskitchen.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/chee-cheong-fun-steamed-rice-rolls-with.html#sthash.OMLb8qDa.dpuf

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