Bravo! The best story teller goes to Yodel! *sarcastic tone*

I've read and I've heard friends telling me how bad Yodel services can be. To be honest, I've had few of my items delivered by Yodel in the past but never once I had any bad experience with their delivery services- at least not until 5 November 2014.

I was at gym when they delivered our goods (they were supposed to deliver two different parcel from same company). I received two emails and text messages informing me the items were delivered to my neighbour. My husband collected the parcel from neighbour right after we arrive home that evening. I was a little worried when I notice there is only one (1) card left in our mail box. True enough, the delivery guy only left behind one parcel and not two.

I got hubby to deal with Yodel the very next working day. As expected, the customer service hubby spoke to informed us that both parcels are with neighbour. Hubby explained our neighbour only has one and not two. There is only one delivery note left in our mail box and not two. He promised to get back to us by noon.

I gave my hubby till noon to get things done or I will report to the seller. For that reason hubby has no choice but to contact Yodel again by noon. This time round the second officer insisted I've received the item because I've keyed in my surname and signed on the delivery note. How can I sign for the second parcel when I am not at home? Why didn't I sign and receive the other parcel if I can collect the second parcel? He promised to investigate on our behalf and he too claimed he will get back to us within 48 hours.

More than 60 hours later.... hubby received an email asking us when will we be available for the next redelivery. They claimed they redeliver the item to our place on Friday. What a lie! We were home on Friday. Even if we are both deaf and we didn't hear the guy knock or door bell, where is the card notifying us they came?

12 hours later... another email from Yodel informing us the item is damage and we need to contact seller. WTH??? Here is a summary of event (timeline) posted by Yodel on MyYodel.

All tracking events

Description Location Date Time
Damaged, please contact sender Bristol service centre 10thNov2014     11:23
Delivery attempted, no access to property Bristol home delivery 7th Nov 2014     20:14
Delivery attempted, call card left Bristol home delivery 7th Nov 2014    20:13
Parcel out for delivery Bristol home delivery 7th Nov 2014    18:30
Parcel received by local delivery courier Bristol home delivery 7th Nov 2014    18:30
Parcel delivered to neighbour at House Number:XX 5th Nov 2014    17:57
Parcel received by local delivery courier Bristol home delivery 5th Nov 2014    09:28
Parcel out for delivery Bristol home delivery 5th Nov 2014    07:03
Parcel received at service centre Bristol service centre 4th Nov 2014    23:46
Parcel received at service centre Shaw hub 4th Nov 2014    14:17

I wouldn't have lost my cool if
  1. Customer Service followed up with us on the progress of their findings. 
  2. Why can't the second officer hubby spoke to call us to notify us they have found our parcel and the parcel will be out for delivery on Friday? 
  3. Why do they need to go through all the lies they redeliver the item on Friday when they did not? If they do- and if really we did not hear the doorbell or knock, why didn't they leave a card behind to notify us they tried redelivering the item on Friday? At least we know they found the item.
  4. The parcel is damage.

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