Christmas Dinner (2014)

Merry Chirstmas! I have been busy all weeks. Didn't have much time to go online. That explains why I haven't been blogging. I happened to have some time to kill in between internet shopping and I thought why not post my Christmas dinner here before I forgets. So here you go.

We had lovely and filling dinner- everything baked and cooked from scratch. My hubby roasted the turkey and cooked the gravy for the turkey, our friend roasted a lamb, I baked the mini sausages, cooked the mashed potatoes, did the gravy for the lamb and baked a log cake. 

The turkey was really good. It's one of the best turkey I've ever had. He used Gordon Ramsay's Lemon Parsley and Garlic Roast Turkey. My man actually spent hours watching Gordon's video on Youtube before preparing and cooking the turkey. I will post a separate blog on this later- may be after New Year just so I can keep the recipe for future reference.

The gravy for the turkey. It was sure "the most amazing gravy" for the turkey. The gravy is rich and full of flavour.

Our friend roasted a lamb shoulder. It was good despite him overbaking it a little. It wouldn't have happened if he didn't warm up the lamb by roasting it for further 30 minutes before he came over to my place.

The gravy I helped him to do. It's a simple recipe I learned recently from my mum.

The baked mini sausages I bought from M&S

The mashed potatoes- a very rich one

Log Cake I baked

The stollen and fruits cake (to be taken home) I baked weeks ahead

Some drinks we had for the night. Not in picture: coffee and lemon infused water

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