Colourful Wholemeal Spaghetti with Smoke Salmon & Soft Boiled Egg

Serves 3
210g M&S Wholemeal Spaghetti, cooked
1 onion, sliced
2 garlic clove, chopped
5 different colours mini sweet peppers, sliced
250g close cup mushrooms, sliced
5 bird eye chillies
6 slices smoked salmon, rolled
3 soft boiled eggs, halved
  1. Saute garlic, onions and chillies till garlic and onions turns brown (my onions turned purple because I left the spaghetti in rice cooker on keep warm mode. I go to gym and comes home around 8.00 plus. I am too hungry to cook by the time I reached home)
  2. Add in mushrooms and sweet peppers. Leave it to cook for about a minute or two
  3. Toss the cooked ingredients with the cooked spaghetti
  4. Season with salt and pepper
  5. Garnish with smoked salmon and soft boil eggs

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