Nyonya style Kuih Seri Muka

I made this last week. Had two pieces for breakfast and kept the remainder in the refrigerator. I never bother taking out to heat up and eat because I wasn't that happy with the taste of the green custard portion. In my opinion it was too eggy. It has a very strong egg aroma.

My hubby heat up a box for dinner on Saturday and I was surprised the kuih tasted good.

(Adapted from nonya flavours cookbook)
300g glutonous rice, soaked 6 hours
300g Chaokoh coconut milk
1 tsp salt
2 pandan leaves, knotted

12 pandan leaves
1 tsp alkaline water (lye water)
200g sugar
100g water
6 large free range eggs
30g custard powder
1 tbsp all purpose flour
1 tsp tapioca flour
300g Chaokoh coconut milk
  1. Grease a 18 cm round cake pan (best to use 20 cm square pan. I don't have a steamer or a pot that can fit a 20 cm square pan). Mix the coconut milk with salt and glutonous rice. Place the pandan leaves in centre of the rice. Steam the rice layer for 30 minutes.
  2. While steaming the glutonous rice, prepare the top layer. Place pandan leaves and water in electric mixer. Squeeze the pandan pulp through the strainer. Stir the alkaline water into the juice and set aside
  3. Beat the eggs with a fork. Bring sugar and water to boil. Gradually pour in the egg. Make sure you beat the egg and sugar syrup vigourously. Fold in the custard powder, all purpose flour, tapioca flour, coconut milk and pandan mixture. Pour the mixture back into the pan. Cook for a minute or two- until the whole batter turns lumpy.
  4. By now the glutonous rice should be ready for the green layer. Remove the pandan leaves and press down the rice with spoon. This process is important to make sure the rice is compressed and compact. 
  5. Pour the green mixture over the glutonous rice. Steam for another 20 minutes on low heat. Once done, remove and coat the kuih with a thin layer of sunflower oil. Cool the kuih before cutting

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