Sweet and Spicy Pomelo with Prawns Salad

The salad is very similar to Thai version of Yum Som O (Thai Pomelo Salad). To be honest, the whole ingredients are based on Thai Pomelo Salad. The only reason why I can't claim this to be Thai Pomelo Salad is because I substituted nam prik pao (Thai roasted chili paste) with homemade sambal.

Here is the recipe:
Adapted from Rachel Cooks Thai
(Serves 3- as main)
1.5 pomelo, peel fruits and break into small segments
250g raw prawns, blanched
4 tbsp dessicated coconut, air fry
100g crushed roasted hazelnuts (can be substituted with peanuts)
2 shallots, air fry (leave it raw if you are ok with raw onions)
1 tsp crushed chillies (or 2 or 3 bird eye chillies)

4 tbsp Chaokoh coconut milk
2 tbsp sambal
1 tbsp fish sauce
1 tbsp palm sugar (can be substituted with brown sugar or coconut sugar)
1 tsp garlic powder
1/2 lime- squeeze to juice
  1. Combine coconut milk, sambal, fish sauce, palm sugar garlic powder and lime together in a bowl. Set aside
  2. Only proceed with step 2 right before eating. You don't want to eat a bowl of salad with soggy dessicated coconut and nuts. Mix pomelo, raw prawns, dessicated coconuts, hazelnuts, shallots, and crushed chillies together in a big bowl. Drizzle and toss the salad with the dressing. Enjoy!

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