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This is a long overdue post. I have totally forgotten bout my day trip to Cardiff. As usual, every day trip must include feasting session(s). I don't know why there is no nice eatery place here in Swindon. We have to travel miles away from the city just to get our cravings fixed. Sad.

It was a short trip. We failed to spot any traditional Wales restaurants or bar this time round. Feeling hungry and tired, we opted to dine in at The Social Restaurant- a small eatery owned by Thistle Hotel.

The restaurant serves modern British foods. The foods were fairly good. It would have been better if they can slip in one or two Welsh specialty.

Looking for something economical? Here is their Social Signature Menu (set meals) for the month of August 2014

Here are the foods we have sampled during our visit

For starter, we had a variety of breads with two different dips- the chili oil and olive & balsamic
reeHubby and I normally look forward to our breads. Sadly the breads here were below our expectations. The only reason why I am willing to have a slice or two is because they serve is warm. I doubt any diners would want a slice if it is cold. The only dip that the three of us like is the balsamic and olive.

For main, I had cajun spiced snapper served with butternut squash and sweetcorn succontosh.

Hubby ordered half roast chicken. It comes with fries, onion rings, mushrooms, tomatoes and generous amount of gravy.  Hubby was very pleased with his roast chicken.

Our friend opted for roast chicken breast. The dish comes with minestrone pesto. Lets face it, man will always be man. It is a rare thing  if they like their greens. He was quite upset with his plate. To be honest, the dish was good. It's a healthy and posh plate of roast chicken breast. I like the chicken and the minestrone pesto. I bet he wouldn't have mind if he didn't see my hubby's portion.

My dessert: Opera Gateu with Mocha sauce. Yummy.

Homemade ice cream and sorbet. Delectable. They were good. Hubby and I like it but our friend don't. Then again that guy likes his ice cream sweet and creamy. When I say sweet, it is anything as sweet as condense milk.

The foods were good but yet I feel it is lacking of a little bit of magic dust. I am not quite sure what it is. The foods and drinks quality match the price we paid for but I've tasted better version for the same price (at four and five star rated hotels) in UK. I should really start sitting down and journalise my trips and eateries trip. That way I get to recall all my dining experiences.

The dining environment and surroundings were very comfortable and cozy. Saying that, I must point out there is really nothing extraordinary about the services. There wasn't anyone available to welcome us. We literaly invited ourselves in. It was only mid way in we were greeted by a nice friendly girl.

Overall, I have no regret dining here. Will I go back? Yes, I will.

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