Biochef Slow Juicer

Hubby recently bought a Biochef slow juicer from Amazon lightning sales. He paid £99 instead of £199.99. That's £100 savings!

What is so unique about this juicer? The juicer extract the nutrients in form of liquids (juices we drink) from the vegetables and fruits from one hole and separates the pulp to another hole. Juices extracted from slow juicer preserve the nutrients and the enzymes from the fruits and vegetables.

It's easy to assemble and clean. You don't need cooking experience or skills to operate the machine. What I like about slow juicer is it's reasonably quiet when juicing.

To be honest, I've been eyeing on Kuvings slow juicer for almost a month now. We bought one from Selfridges on hubby's Birthday but decided to return the machine when we found out it is cheaper to buy direct from Kuvings. They were having 20% off promotion at that point of time. Hubby being hubby (a miser brand loyalty).... he found out Biochef has one similar slow juicer. He was keen to try. He is not wrong to have such a strong faith with Biochef. Their products are of good quality. What is most important is they have a very good after sales service team in UK.

So, if you are looking for an economical and value for money silent juicer, do check out Biochef silent juicer. It's £199.99 if you buy them directly from their website. Cheaper if you buy from Amazon but even cheaper if you can catch buy on lighting deal.

Here is my review on Biochef slow juicer

The assembled Biochef slow juicer ready for juicing. First in chopped apples. Look at the amount of juice 3 apples

Look at the different colour of juices we have in the jar. From bottom to top: 4 apples, 200g kale, 2 oranges and a little ginger.

The glorious drink after scooping out the foam and a quick stir. You don't need to stir if you blend a little of this and that. Do not underestimate the green colour juice. It was yummy. The drink is sweet. There is no hint of green (chlorophyll) or raw vegetable taste. Kale is not my favourite vegetables or salad but I don't mind drinking kale smoothies or juices.

The drink is a little pulp-y. I'm just saying. I am fine with the pulp. If you like pulp free drink, all you need to do is to strain the juice before drinking. If you like it more pulp-y (more than the fine strainer version), all you need to do is to attach the coarse strainer instead.

The pulp compartment
The pulp is quite dry. It may appear to be wet but I suspect it's because the pulp is soft when touch. 

Are there any vegetables or fruits left that is not juice? The answer is NO. Don't believe? Check the following pictures. There is nothing not to like about the machine. The only complain I have is the juice is quite foam-y (refer picture 3). I understands if it comes from blender but a slow juicer???

Sad news: hubby found two bad cracks at the bottom of the strainer after cleaning up the machine. He is confident Biochef will replace a new one for us but we decided to return the machine instead.

It was a total waste having to forgo the machine. I have already fallen in love with the machine when hubby told me he wants to return the machine. The machine comes with 3 years warranty on the motor and parts. I don't mind getting a replacement for the strainer but hubby didn't like the idea of having to exchange for a new strainer from time to time. He insisted it will be a problem if this happen often.

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