Breakfast + Lunch (brunch) at Sirena Retaurant, James Street London

Christmas shopping is never complete without a window shopping trips to the busy streets of London. We were there two continuous Saturday. Good thing the weather treated us good. As usual, all our trips must include feasting sessions. This time round, we make a new discovery to a very special Italian restaurant located at James Street, London. I've been wanting to write about this restaurant for sometime now but never got the chance to. All thanks to my hubby for hiding the photos in his server. So bear with me for all the overdue journals.

Sirena Ristorante Italiano is a family run Italian restaurant that serves authentic Italian foods. The family have been operating the food business since 1981 (the year I am born!).

Hubby was a little too excited snapping almost everything he sees we ended up missing our breakfast. We were very hungry by the time we step foot in Sirena. I quickly ordered garlic bread, a cup of hot mocha for myself and a cup of cappuccino for hubby before deciding on any other thing. I know it is against the Italian rules to eat bread before antipasti is served. What is worst is we ate our garlic bread with generous amount of olive oil and balsamic dip. In fact drinking coffee before and in between meal is also wrong. That's the problem with us Asian. We have abolished all food rules. We eat a mix of everything in one meal. Worst still we call it "fusion" Anyway, back to the garlic bread. The bread tasted really good. Trust me, it got nothing to do with us being hungry :)

The retaurant was packed with diners. The service is quite slow. In a way, it is good because it gives us time to digest our "late breakfast" before filling our belly with proper lunch. LOL. Both hubby and I ordered their 2 course set menu. For starter, we had toasted bruschetta with chopped tomatoes. I couldn't help loving this plate of simple toast bread served with chopped tomatoes, rocket leaves, pesto sauce and generous amount of olive oil. Yummy! 

As for main we had pan fried salmon. The fish was well flavoured and fried to perfection. 

The foods may arrive a little too late but we didn't mind. It's lunch time. The restaurant is packed packed with diners. It would have been a bonus if the drinks (coffees) were good but overall we are both happy diners. Hubby end up tipping the waitress :)

We will definitely be back for more soon

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