Homemade Nyonya Curry Paste with Andrew James Stainless Steel Grinder

I was happy with Magic Bullet until recently. While the blender is powerful and good enough to blend any dry or wet spices for my day to day cooking... the plastic make irritates me big time. The plastic area where the blade is stuck on cracks all the time. I've to change a new machine almost every year. What annoys me is I have to spend about £70.00 for a whole new set. That's when I started looking around for a new substitute.

It was by accident when I saw Andrew James selling Wet and Dry Grinder. There is not much information available online besides few photographs and description online. It wasn't hard to decide if I should go ahead to purchase. (1) I have been using their halogen oven and yogurt maker for years now. (2) The grinder is below £20.00. Worth a gamble.

I've been using the grinder for sometime now. I have to say the grinder does a good job at grinding black peppers, nutmegs, onions, garlics, curry paste and other dry herbs. Here I will share with you a simple Nyonya Curry Paste I made with the Andrew James grinder recently. 

Adapted from Nyonya Flavours: A complete guide to Penang Straits Chinese Cuisine)
Ingredients needed: 15 dried chillies (soaked and sliced), 200 g shallots, 15 g garlic, 20 g belacan (toasted), 1.5 tsp turmeric powder, 3 tbsp ground coriander, 1 tsp cumin. 1 tsp fennel

Always use the cross blade stainless steel cup for wet ingredients.

Fill the ingredients in the stainless steel cup. Do not overfill the MAX mark. Place the cup into the motor base and turn it until it is engage

Do not grind for longer than 30 second. The grinder will stop automatically if you grind anything more than 30 minutes. 

Pour out the blended ingredients into a clean bowl. Fill up the cup with the rest of the ingredients. Continue the above process. At the end of the process, give the blended ingredients a quick stir. Keep aside. Read my next post to see how I cooked Nyonya chicken curry.

What I really like about this grinder is the grinder allows me to blend all the wet ingredients without the need to add water. It's cool because this will help to reduce the saute-ing time.

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