Kiwi Persimmon Yogurt Drink

Here is a healthy combination of persimmon and kiwi fruits yogurt I made for hubby and I. This is definitely one of my favourite #mykuvingsrecipe. I'm more creative this days whenever I prepare our daily boost (juice). All thanks to the addition of Kuvings slow juicer. Many friends were making fun of me "abandoning" and forgetting my good old Biochef blender. The truth is I haven't forgotten about my blender. I like my blender a lot. Hubby uses it on everyday basis to make our almond oat milk. I don't think I will ever abandon my good old Biochef blender. It is still my favourite blender.

The only reason why I chooses to use Kuvings for juicing purposes is because I am trying to extract the natural enzyme and nutrients out from the vegetables and fruits I used to juice. It's important for me because I rarely takes my vitamins and supplements on daily basis. I'm not saying I don't get any goodness out from Biochef blender. To be honest, I haven't been ill for the past two years ever since I started drinking juice on daily basis using Biochef alone.

Hubby and I loves the natural sweetness from the persimmons and the sweet sour combination from the kiwi fruits. It is a good idea to retain the pulps from kiwi (and may be half the pulp from persimmons). Trust me, you will like it too- especially the crunch from the kiwi seeds

Serves 2
3 large kiwi fruits
2 persimmons
2 jar homemade yogurt

  1. Pour a jar of yogurt in cup.
  2. Juice the fruits with Kuvings slow juicer
  3. Spoon the pulps out from the pulp jar. Mix with the juices
  4. Pour them into your glass. Enjoy!

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