Late dinner at Sloe

I was starving by the time I reached Paddington train station. I know we could have eaten earlier. We should have skipped the unnecessary window shopping trip to Harrods and head elsewhere for a good dinner instead.

It was 9.10 p.m. Most eatery inside Paddington train station were getting ready to close. We decided to walk up to Sloe. The cafe and bar concept eatery looked as if they were getting ready to close too. Hubby walked in to check if they are still serving hot foods. I was so happy when he came back nodding yes. I was too tired and hungry to go anywhere else. Besides we got a train to catch at 10.00 p.m!  

The foods and drinks:
I had camomile tea while hubby ordered his usual mint tea. It's nice they do free refills. I was really thirsty and hungry 

I ordered Hunter's chicken while hubby ordered his usual fish and chips. There's nothing extraordinary about the dishes we had but it sure feeds our hungry belly well.

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