I skipped breakfast and lunch. I slept till late afternoon (privilege of being a housewife). 3.30 p.m. I dragged myself downstairs. Made hot chocolate, a big teapot of Teapig mint tea. Took two cups and a small container containing a slice of cheesecake I baked yesterday. I didn't have the appetite to eat or drink. Took me awhile to finished up my late brunch.

I should be in gym by now for my two hours yoga session but here I am in my living room (sitting in dark) procrastinating. Thousand and one unsolved puzzles lingering. Part of me wants to fly home but the other part of me just couldn't decide. Makes me wonder if being miles away from my family and friends are worth a gamble. Makes me wonder if I was selfish and silly enough to abandoned my career, friends and life I have built over the past 30 years just to be with Jove in far far away land. My dad were hospitalised for prostate in 2011. I wasn't there by his bed side. My grandma passed away last July and I wasn't there because we were in the midst of renewing our working visa. My dad is now admitted to hospital once again and again... I am not there. Yet, my mum flew over to be with me when I lost my baby two years ago. Part of me wants to fly home right away- but there is really nothing I can do till I receive my passport back from the lawyer.

There will be a lot of changes for us (Jove and I) this 2015. I am hoping they will all be good one.

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