Tea time at Rasa Sayang

Something symbolises Malaysia

We did quite a lot of walking in London yesterday. I was a little too tired and thirsty. I dragged my hubby to Chinatown just so I can have my teh tarik fixed along with some light snacks. To be honest, I was still feeling full from our late breakfast at Podium, F&M. Who would expect I go on food spree when all I wanted was a small bite. May be its because I haven't had anything Malaysian or Asian for weeks.

The foods and drinks
I was expecting a sweet cup of teh tarik like the one we usually get from our usual mamak stalls. Good thing the one they served were the kurang manis (low in sugar) version. 

Hubby however wasn't happy with his cup of kopi (coffee). He was upset the cup was half the size he usually gets back in Kuala Lumpur. His other complain was the coffee doesn't taste anywhere near the mamak or Chinese stalls version. He claimed the kopi were too thin for his liking.

I ordered roti canai for him. He has been craving for roti canai for months now. He even tried getting me to try my hands on a batch. Fat hope. There is no way I am going to attempt cooking roti canai at home. It takes a lot of skills to create a perfect piece of roti canai. 

The roti canai was disappointing- although the two Indian ladies from another table claimed it was good and yummy. The curry was good though. Spicy and milky enough for my liking

Love the crunchy prawns and tangy squid. The vegetable were a little too soggy. Overall, I think they tried adapting the dish to suit the local taste bud. It tasted a lot better after I added a splash of soya sauce. Taste great with sambal :)

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