Just feel like typing....

I woke up this morning feeling really hungry. I had a mild gastric. I would have went down to chomp down a slice of cheesecake but I couldn't. Both my legs cramped. It was bad. I ended up falling asleep again. Time flies. Hubby called. I got to rushed down to brush my teeth, wash my face and rushed up again to change. I got to rushed for an appointment at 11.00 a.m. Good thing I managed to get there on time.

I came back an hour later. Funny enough, I managed to cook rice just before I left the house. All I needed to do is to heat up the chicken curry a friend gave and stir fry vegetables to go with the meal. It's nice to have a companion to eat with me. Then again I wouldn't be eating lunch if not because he needs his lunch. I'll probably be drinking a cup of coffee and eating a slice of cheesecake.

He has left to work again. Me on other hand decided to take a short break in front of laptop typing out this. Yes, I still have to wash the plates. I wish I have a larger size kitchen. I would have slot in a dishwasher as well. The only way this will happen is if we move (if that ever happened).

The weather is pretty nice out there. I should really be out there enjoying the sun- despite knowing I have baskets of unfold clothes to handle. Lousy hubby kept promising he will fold once he comes back from work. He has been promising since Friday. Four days have passed nothing happened. In fact, I have more clothes piled on. Good thing we have lots of clothes. Otherwise I am pretty sure we will be digging the laundry basket for fresh clothes.

There is nothing much going. Life is pretty boring if you asked me. As boring as it is, I've learnt from the past it is better for life to be boring. That way I am certain that there is nothing bad happening around. I should resume my gym classes again. I am still giving my body sometime to chilax (chill and relax). I don't know if it is a good or bad thing but I need to start exercising again. My fats are accumulating. Just yesterday I complained to my mum hubby looked like "papa bear" this days. My mum as usual replied "if hubby is papa bear, I must be a mama bear". That's so not funny.

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