Personalised Lunch Box Delivery

I rarely cook this days. It's bad I know. I'm slowly picking up where I left. Slowly. Here's my first homecook meal to kickstart Monday.

Something very simple. Egg noodles with little bacon joints, fish maws and french beans stir fry with homemade chicken stock, oyster sauce, soy sauce, dark soy sauce and white pepper. I packed them in two separate takeaway lunch box. One for hubby and another for me. I also prepared a box of fruits and coffee for the meal. Generally a healthy meal.

Since I've cooked for lunch, it's only fair I take a break from cooking this evening. Hubby will be in charge of dinner tonight. A really simple one. All he needs to do is to place the store bought pizza, cheesy potato croquettes in oven and steam 2 corns. 

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