A Boring Anniversary Celebration

We've been married for 4 years. This is the first time (year) he took leave to celebrate our Anniversary. 

Earlier on (beginning of the month) he promised to take me to Paris. Wait a minute... He asked me to pick between Germany and Paris. I picked Paris. I made it clear I wanted to go to Germany with him in July. I was looking forward for my trip until my dad put a stop to everything. 

Bitterly saying goodbye to all the good pastries I should be eating and all the places I should be visiting. Photos below were taken early May when he was there for a short business trip 

So how did we celebrate our Valentine this year? Picture taken after a haircut. Yes, I got 1/3 of my hair cropped. Love the layers.

To be honest, I am glad we decided to cancel our trip to Paris. My dad recently had a minor heart surgery back in Kuala Lumpur. Despite not being able to fly home (or be there to see him) I was worried sick of his well being. I spent days harrassing my mum and brother just to know how he is coping. I wouldn't be able to enjoy my trip if I am in Paris. I will still be stalking my brother and mum throughout the days instead of spending my days walking and enjoying the scenic view of Paris. Also, my own health is still not on "tip toe" condition yet. So instead of all the walkabout or travels, we spent our anniversary on a window shopping trip to Mothercare.

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