Another day of vegetarian (vegan)

I can't believe I'm "quite" productive today. Unlike the usual Saturday (or any other days), I spent sometime making breakfast (brunch or you may call it late lunch. We had it at around 2.00 p.m). A handful of mixed salad and cheesy toast drizzled with truffle oil, balsamic vinegar and Tabasco sauce.

We headed to town and outlet to grab the things we wanted. The summer like weather makes a big difference in uplifting our outing moods. 

We wouldn't have known the time if not because outlet closed at 7.00 p.m. Unlike our usual outing which ends with dining out we headed home for homecook instead. I'm glad we were both strong enough to stay vegetarian for an additional day. Here's what we are for dinner. A simple pan fry pasta with egg and stir fry French beans & carrots. 

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